Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mossø and Klostermølle, Mid Jutland

The large lake Mossø is still covered in ice with a powder of snow. It's a long winter this year. We have had so many mild winters that we have forgotten how king Winter can be teasing us. One mild day - oh it's soon spring? Next day -lots of snow. It seems as if the whole world has got lots of snow this year.

Here is a corner of Mossø at Klostermølle where the Benedictine monks had a closter in the Middle Ages. The trees make a border or else you might end out upon thin ice.

From Klostermølle you can see all the way 10 km to Rye Church on a clear day. And it was a clear day.

Some red cattle was out on a small field close to the garden. I guess the farmer thought his cows would like to get some fresh air for a few hours in the daylight.

A large meadow area close to Klostermølle, which is usually visited by flocks of geese at this time of the year, but geese, ducks and swans have found places with open water. The birds have had a tough time this winter.

Gudenaa river, the pretty kingfisher lives at this spot, but he's like an Ariel, a metallic blue stripe crossing the water. Pffuitt!

I love horses.

A snowman. Is he a troll?

photo Mossø & Klostermølle 6. March 2010: grethe bachmann

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