Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Huge Dog - and Two Attentive Horses.......

I saw a huge dog lately. It was so muscular that it was moving like in slow-motion as if its muscles were too heavy. The photos are taken from inside the car. I dared not go outside although I was on a good distance. I was a sissy. But I felt it like I had to beware a lion in the lion park at Billund.
The horses are attentive. ....
This slow and maybe lazy dog might be able to move fast - like a heavy bear. Have you seen a polar bear when it's moving fast ? I didn't want to be noticed outside the car by that dog.

What kind of dog is it? I googled the Mastiff, and it looks like the English Mastiff, doesn't it? The owner looks so thin and little next to it. If you had just seen this dog and the way it was moving. Like a predator on guard. Maybe it's a nice dog. Like the Great Dane. It's a nice dog, but it doesn't move like this one.

they are  whinnying and shaking the mane.

 Notice the horses. They are very attentive from the first beginning. They stand in a defensive attitude - and one horse shakes its head so the mane is flying! (if you enlarge you can see it)

Maybe it's a nice dog, but I wouldn't depend on that.


He is so little isn't he? The owner I mean............

photo Viborg August 2012: grethe bachmann


stardust said...

Wow, the dog is so massive and big! He would be useful as a watchdog as his appearance could give scares. However, I suppose he would be gentle like St. Bernard which is big, intelligent and gentle. Appearance could be deceiving.


Thyra said...

Hello Yoko! Oh yes, the St Bernard is so gentle (and so sweet and patient to kids). Maybe it's the best BIG dog for a family.

In ancient times the Mastiffs were used as war dogs, (awful) but the new Mastiff-races have probably forgotten those abilities now.

It was interesting that the horses reacted like that. I haven't seen it before.

Have a nice week-end!

Grethe ´)

Out on the prairie said...

Some fun shots, I had a mastiff who lived next door and they can be gentle giants

Thyra said...

Heja Steve! Yes this guy might be one of those gentle giants too. He's a very impressive dog.

They breed the best qualities in such dogs today so it is probably a nice dog when you get to know it.

Grethe ´)

MyMaracas said...

That is indeed a mastiff. I once knew a girl who tried to keep one in an apartment. It was a sweet dog, but - needless to say - the arrangement did not last long.

Thyra said...

Thank you for the information, I can imagine it is impossible to have a dog that big in an apartment. And it's not a good life for a big dog like this, he has to be much out in the open air each day. It's good to hear that it is a sweet dog.
I like the dogs with those wrinkled faces you know - the mastiff has a face like the boxer. One of my friends has a boxer, and it has the dearest, wrinkled face. But it is drewling rather much!

Grethe ´)