Monday, February 25, 2013

5 Good Things for Your Health

Watercress protects against cancer

Research from University of Ulster in North Ireland shows that watercress can minimize the risc of cancer. The test involved that 60 persons between 19 and 55 years ( including 30 smokers) eat 85g fresh watercress each day for 8 weeks. It showed that watercress both reduces the DNA damage (which can lead to cancer) and increases the the ability of the infected cells to avoid further damage from the free radicals

Watercress contains more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals and has through centuries been used as a super food. It contains more iron than spinach, more C-vitamin than oranges and more calcium than milk.

Watercress is fine in salads, and for soups, herb butter or as assecories for meat.

A handfull of nuts between meals.

30 gram nuts - it's a little handfull -  that's good for you each day. Choose the nuts you like best. Nuts contain proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals and not least the healthy fats. The healthy substances in the nuts can lower the cholesterol, boost the digestion, strengthen your immune systeme and lower your blood pressure.  The nuts saturate, give new energy and are easy to bring with you. They are best in their natural version, not salted or fried. A handfull of nuts is a good snack between meals.

Elderberry against a winter-cold

You can buy yourself an extra shot of health by making some elderberry soup or juice. The research shows that the elderberry juice can reduce fever, fatigue, headache and relieve sore throats. A glass of elderberry juice or a cup of soup is a real vitamin bomb with a high content of C-vitamins and flavonoids, which promote the inclusion of the vitamins.

 Milk is good for your teeth.

Enjoy your café latte! When you are drinking it you also strenghten your chance to keep your own teeth. The high content of calcium in dairy products protects against the development of caries and gingivitis. A cheese sandwich does not give the same since the calcium has to be added together with the more liquid dairy products.  


Saffron controls your desire for sugar.

We have often a tendency to put the saffron in the back of the spice cabinet, where it is collecting dust, but this is a shame. New tests show that saffron brings more than colour and taste to the food. The pretty and precious spice also helps to stabilize the blood sugar, preventing you from desiring candy and cakes. So it's good sense to use the pretty saffron more often - it brings a delicate taste to rice dishes, poultry, grilled shrimps, homebaked bread etc.

Sources: Your Health, Magasin Søndag "Nyt om din Sundhed" 2012/2013.

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Carolyn said...

Well! I do believe I need to load up on saffron! as always, interesting and informative post, Grethe ;)

Gerry Snape said...

oh Grethe...I'm thrilled first that the goodly folk of the university of Ulster discovered this....close to the family home...and then that my elderberry tree outside the kitchen is so full of vit C...hoooray. Saffron I always bring back from the markets in Southern Spain for paella. Thankyou.

Thyra said...

If only saffron is enough! It's actually true that saffron might end in the back of the spice cupboard. My saffron was a little difficult to find - and there is not much in that little box!! But let's try, Carolyn!

Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Hej Gerry, you're so lucky that you've got elderberry in your garden. It takes such a long time to gather them from bushes in the forest!!
The juice and the soup taste wonderful, you can almost FEEL that it is healthy, and it reminds me about my mother who always had warm elderberry-soup ready for us in winter.

The wonderful Irish people! Your university in Ulster is a very large and a very fine one. I've just read about it on wikipedia. (They have also got Celtic studies).

Grethe `)

Out on the prairie said...

i like to make watercress soup when I pick it wild.

Thyra said...

Hej Steve - that's a healthy soup and it tastes gooooood!!
Grethe ´)

Kittie Howard said...

Oh, but I'd love to have a bowl of elderberry soup. It sounds absolutely delicious. And I adore watercress!!

Thyra said...

Kittie, you should really try that. It is a fantastic good remedy for the throat.
Watercress fascinates me, when I'm out by a water stream and see watercress growing there - then the water is surely clean.