Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Visit to a quiet Peninsula............

There is a pretty hilly landscape on a little, broad peninsula east of the town Skive. It has no name expect the old district-name; Fjends herred - and now Ørum parish. The first place for our visit one of the last days in the windy and cold April was the old manor Staarup Hovedgård, which is now a center of antique furniture and artifacts from the 1700s-1900s. I had visited the main building before, this time it was the gatehouse-wing with antique Chinese furniture. I didn't buy anything, they were rather expensive. No wonder! They have been laquered and laquered "a thousand times". I saw a little red (low)  cupboard. I loved it. I would like this in my home.
In the summer period there is much more life here with a well-visited cafeteria and restaurant and many concert arrangements etc.

The peninsula is surrounded by the waters of Skive fjord and Hjarbæk fjord, both are parts and corners of Limfjorden. The landscape is hilly and pretty and marked by being a socalled herregårdslandskab, a manor-landscape, which only makes it better. You are driving through small villages and passing fine churches and you are close to a fine view from the old winding country roads everywhere. 


Here is also an old kloster, Ørslevkloster, where I had to do a stop for I wanted to get a photo of a chessboard ashlar on the church wall. I was told they had found one. I didn't find it, but there was no access to the south side of the church, and I later discovered that the chessboard was there of course.
Since the last time we was here there is now public access to the kloster garden with an old lime avenue leading down to a fine little water stream.
bikes outside the refugium
The garden is now being renovated and here will be a perfect place for people to visit.

The kloster itself is now a  refugium for students and artists, authors etc. who wish peace and quiet.
In my blog Church and Manor is an article about Ørslevkloster. 

yellow farm


Two Good Friends 

Again a drive through a pretty landscape. I love it. It is such a rest for the eye and a joy for the mind. The next place was also a manor, called Strandet. Two horses walked next to each other in the field downside the manor, a big heavy horse and a very little cute one; they followed each other step by step.  I don't think a horse likes to be alone in a field. They are social like everyone else.
The whitewashed manor Strandet lies upon a hill close to Jordbro Å-river, a fine fishing river with sea trout, trout and rainbow trout. Strandet is from the 1400s, but was rebuilt after a fire. Opposite upon a hill in the meadow lies the Romanesque church Nr. Ørum. Close nearby was a harbour in the Middle Ages.

Am I boring you? Then stop reading and start something else, for the next place to visit is also a manor. Tårupgård, situated close to Hjarbæk fjord. Access to the fjord via a nature path. History about this manor is also in my blog Church and Manor. Both Staarupgård and Tårupgård were during the Middle Ages owned by the family Kaas, a family who owned a big part of North Jutland. The church lies close to the manor with steps from the yard up to the entrance - everyone had to go to service, it was  really a duty at that time. No excuses I suppose. The little son probably tried  "I have a stomach ache, daddy!". -  "WHAT? Off you go".  -  And off he went and up all the steps on his small legs to listen to the thunder sermon of the priest.

But we'll leave Tårupgård and continue along the beautiful scenery to the fishing village in the corner of Hjarbæk fjord.


Hjarbæk port was once the sea port of the town Viborg, when the church was rich and powerful the bishops of Viborg guarded zealously the fishing and sailing in Hjarbæk fjord. The Viborg bishop's ship lay at Hjarbæk harbour,  but also the rich aristocracy used the port at Hjarbæk in the Middle Ages.
There was furthermore a constant sailing with salt-barges to and from the island of Læsø. (you can still buy the Læsø salt in shops). The salt extraction was a very good business and the clerics in Viborg controlled both the production and the transport. 648 barrels salt were sailed to Hjarbæk each year in the late 1400s.

Today Hjarbæk is a cosy little fishing village with a lively tourist life in summer. Each year is held a VM in sailing with boats, called "slægts", the boats similar to the fishing boats from the old days.
Hjarbæk Fjord is an International Nature Protection Area, under Natura2000 Project, and it is both a Bird's Protection Area and EU-Habitat Area. 

And in the afternoon we were leaving Hjarbæk fjord and the little peninsula after a good day.

Some pretty clouds for you

A beautiful horse was running up and downhill in a very frisky manner with  some very elegant moves. And just try to look at this fine head and neck.  It's a noble horse.

photo April 2013: grethe bachmann

Læsø Sydesalt


 Here's a picture of the salt from Læsø(for sale in shops and supermarkets.


Teresa Evangeline/Bayou Summer said...

What wonderful images you capture. I love seeing a horse on the run, majestic they are. The image of the river with walking bridge and the farm or church (?) next to it are both exquisite when enlarged. They look like paintings. Gorgeous colors.

And the beautiful wisteria lined porch in your header image ... love the shadows at play.

Thyra said...

Hello Teresa, glad to see you here.

It is a church, I gave up to write the name because the photos jumped up and down among each others! Nr. Ørum church, the river is Jordbro å with trouts!

You're right about the look of a painting. In some places in the landscape are like a stroke of a brush in these days, maybe it is all the little thick green and pink buds in trees and bushes?

I would like to have a house with a wisteria - but there are so many things I would like to have!!

I hope you and Buddy are well.
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa, I forgot to say that I'll remove my remarks about the pig farms. They don't have the right place here. I was just so irritated because I had just read something about it.

Wanda..... said...

You have so many unique and beautiful buildings and scenes to enjoy, Grethe. The devine horse looks very proud and free!

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda, nice to see you. it was such a lovely day after winter and now the beech wood is green and the flowers are there all at one time. a very special spring!

That horse. It reminded me so much about a black horse, Titania, from my young days. A beautiful Irish horse with a hot temper!!

Grethe ´)

Kittie Howard said...

Grethe, your photos are fabulous! I was with you with each click of the camera. The path lined with lime trees really captured my imagination. As did that little chest in the museum. Oh but it's gorgeous! You make me want to see more of Jutland. The photo of the Yellow Farm captured so much of the spirit there.

The email address you used was off. It's

The one you sent had nothing inside. My emails to you aren't returned. Hmm, think you should call your son, the Computer Doctor, as I think your settings need adjusting.

I'm sooooo happy April is over, even happier we got all that work done. I was so tired last night I went to bed at eight and awoke this a.m. to the sound of birds chirping. Ahhhh, nice!

Hub really, really loved that bike! But he wasn't using it and consoles himself with the hope that the right kid will. I've got a puppet I bought years ago in Nepal that's falling apart and will have to go . . . *sighs* . . . but gotta keep the memory and move on.

Love ya! K.

Thyra said...

Hej Kittie! It's awful. But it was my fault that you cannot see the letter. I had made something new with the background and couldn't get out of it!!! I have sent it again and hope it's okay now - on your right address, since this was where you sent yours from. I hope you'll get it.

I understand what you're saying about memories. All the things we have given away. But we still remember them - and we don't have room enough for all that. Do you remember the puppets you had when you were a little girl?

It is also difficult to give your books away.

We don't need to give our bikes away here in DK. They are stolen and sent abroad. To Eastern Europe. That's what they say.


stardust said...

How elegant the posture of the running horse! And, how peaceful and soothing the landscape of the peninsula! Thank you for taking us along with you, Grethe. Enjoy your May in the balmy breeze.


Thyra said...

Thank you Yoko for your visit! I love the month of May with its lovely light green in the beech forest - and this May all the flowers have arrived in one flowering blow.
Cold replaces warmth, maybe warmth on Saturday.
Have a nice week-end!
Grethe ´)

I think so too that this horse is SO elegant. It's like it knows itself how beautiful it is.

Teresa Evangeline/Bayou Summer said...

Grethe, Just stopping by to say hello. I hope all is well, you're feeling well, and life is good. Thinking of you... Teresa

Wanda..... said...

Like Teresa....I've been thinking of you also, Grethe.

Thyra said...

Dear Teresa and Wanda, You must have a sixth sense, I have had some problems which almost broke me down, but some of it has been solved now. A new neighbour has moved in the flat below me and they start a noisy machine each night. They are possibly out of reach - if you know what I mean. (language, customs, a family not to offend etc.) I have now decided that I'll move to another place. Thank you so much, I was so touched by your kindness.
Grethe ´)

MyMaracas said...

I just love your photos and stories about your gorgeous land. You should hire out as a tour guide!

I am sorry to hear of your neighbor troubles. We're having them too. Someone has bought the land next to ours and is putting in a firing range. Not looking forward to the sound of constant gunfire.

Thyra said...

Hej Maracas, thank you very much. I would not be able to "handle" a group of difficult tourists! I have noticed how they sometimes behave towards the poor guide!

This sounds really awful to be exposed to the sound of gunfire. I would be so sad. And if you want to sell your property some day, then it is probably more difficult to do this because of that noisy neighbour.

As for my noisy neighbour I have no result yet. I plan my evenings in order to get some sleep, but it is not a permanent situation.

Maracas, I know from your photo sessions that you've got some good cameras. I damaged my camera last week with salt water and sand, so I had to buy a new one!! Bad Luck! But this camera is much better so it might be good luck after all.

Grethe ´)