Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sculpture by the Sea 2013


A galleri of the exhibition in June 2013 on the beach at Aarhus.  

What are the children hiding?

Oh, that's the funny Bubble no 5 by Qian Sihua, China.

Alejandro Propato, ARG:: Permanent Sunrise.
The dogs shall also see I DO ART...
Phil Price, NZL: Snake.
The snake and to the right: Heavenly Source by Arvid Hagen, NL.
Mark Kramer NL:A Moment between Insanity and Enlightenment.
children in yellow west.

Taking a break..
Orest Keywan, AUS: Above the Line.
Paul Selwood, AUS: Expanded Figure.
Mikala Valeur, DK: A Spacious Affair.
Jennifer Cochrane, AUS: Cube Stack no 2.
Anne de Harlez, ESP: Una cadena de bestos.( and the ferry)
A friendly contact between generations. 

The Glue Society, AUS: ONCE
Sahand Hesamiyan, IRN: Unknown.
Rintala Eggertsson, NOR: Floating Bathing Pavillon PYR
Steffen Tast, DK: Light Waves
kayakrs from the rowing club.

Ulla W.Klinge, B. Lund Jensen DK: Surface Reef

Byeong Doo Moon, KOR: Your Place.

Jackson Martin USA: Rooted.

Hanna Streefkert, SWE: Patchwork.
Bureau Detours, DK: USE Flotsam.

Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo, DK: Remind

Nina Saunders, DK: Heartbreaker (bridge with gold)

Andrew Burton, UK: JUG

Toni Schaller DEU: Beach House.

 Two little girlfriends . There were many children at the exhibition, and they seemed to enjoyed it very much,  for there were many funny and colourful things - and also houses to walk into, a moving bridge  etc.

Kerrie Argent, AUS: Evidence- the Trail continues.

Maurice Meewisse, NL: North Sea Driftwood Fence.

Espen Brandt-Møller, DK: Grain of Soap.

children on moving bridge

Marc Schmitz, Germany: Stories of Light.

Matthew Harding, AUS: Flotsam and Jetsam.

Yeo Chee Kiong, Ssingapore: "A Yoga and Pedicure Session on the Beach. 

This was the last photo I took that day. I had an accident with my camera. A sudden wave of salt water and sand where I took a break upon an apparently dry place until five minutes later. So I could not take photos of the fine exhibiton in the forest on my way home, but here's a link to  The Galleri for you.

photo Sculpture by the Sea June 2013: grethe bachmann


Carolyn said...

These pictures, as always, are gorgeous.... permanent sunrise???

how clever ... your header picture is absolutely gorgeous! how do they do that... vapors of different colors shoot from the pipe and the wind just ... hmmm seems it would be distorted doesn't it ... instead of horizontal lines... fascinating


Thyra said...

Hej Carolyn - I like that permanent sunrise too. It's so pretty. I don't know if it will be distorted? but it's only there until 30th June.
It's so nice to hear from you. I hope you are well.
Grethe ´)

stardust said...

What a fun exhibition! I especially like it when it is held by the seashore… if only it’s not too hot. So many pictures show how you were excited on that day, but sorry to hear about the accident on your camera. How is it afterwards?


Thyra said...

Hello Yoko!! There's an exhibition here on the seashore every second year. (with start in Sydney.)In 2011 were many sculptures which I especially liked - some in turquoise glass.This 2011-exhibition is on my blog in 2011 if you are interested.

I've got a new Nikon, I'm going out to try it tomorrow. It's somewhat similar to my old Nikon with some improvements. My old camera is still functioning, but if there is a damage showing up later then I'm "safe".

I'm soon on holiday at Sjælland for a week and I hope for a better weather forecast than the one they give today!!

Have a nice time Yoko. I'm always looking forward to your photos.´)


Anne de Harlez said...

Hi Thyra,
Thank you for the nice pic of my work (Una cadena de Besitos). May I ask you to mail it to me? I am preparing a small video on my participation to SxS.
Anne de Harlez

Thyra said...

Anna, your work is very beautiful and I like it very much. I'll send a photo of course, but you'll have to give me another adress, for I cannot send it since your profile is not available.

Thyra said...

Anna forget what I've said. I have found out via e-mail!