Sunday, September 08, 2013

Ebeltoft Glasmuseum - OCEAN exhibition, 2013

Outside the museum stands this funny jellyfish, but I don't know which artist created this. Most of them have made some fine glass sculptures of animals and things connected to the ocean. But it might be a work by Janine C Schimkat. (see her works later) 


The frigate Jylland (which holds a museum) lies close to Ebeltoft Glasmuseum.

 Mark Elliott and Jack McGrath

 The first sculpture is by Mark Elliot from New Zealand and the Australian film maker Jack McGrath, who have developed a method called "Flame action" or "Glass-mation" . 

See link  Ocean Exhibition

 Maria Garcia Rosin

 Maria Garcia Rosin (Whirling Hole on the floor)

 Maria Garcia Rosin


Three photos of the installation of Maria Garcia Rosin from Italy. She combines traditional Italian artwork with a contemporary artwork and creates objects which remind of both Venetian chandeliers and jellyfish with light. Her work was shown in another version at Venice Biennale 2009.

Raven Skyriver from USA is inspired by the colourful animal life in the sea - and at the same time referring discreetly to the fragile ecological balance.

Christina Bothwell from USA works with cast glass which she combines with raku-clay and oil- paint. Her figures are both melancholic, fragile and secret, hiding inner rooms and carrying new life. 

Hiroshi Yamano from Japan combines glass with silver leaf and copper. The fish symbolizes his life's philosophy: to swim against the stream to keep alive.
  NB : I forgot to say that Hiroshi's bowl is shaped like an apple, an extra refined touch, since the OCEAN exhibition is in Ebeltoft ( =Appletoft)

Palo Macho from Slovachia uses the glass as a kind of  canvas for his simple compositions in grey-blue. His work Horizon is a beautiful contrast between the horizont of the water and the circular frame of the glass.

 Katherine Gray from USA works with both  minimalistic sculptures and works focusing on the debate about art, crafts and the industrial made works.

Janine C. Schimkat from the Netherlands is fascinated by the weightless world beneath the surface of the sea. She uses both pate de verre, blown glass, slumping and fusing, glass pearls, glass paints, found glass objects, silicone and air pumps in her underwater tableaus,  telling short, subtle stories about the life in the bottom of the sea.  

A view down to the museum's workshop.

Below: Some pictures from the permanent exhibition at Ebeltoft glasmuseum 

Below: Trondur Patursson's glass installation at Ebeltoft Glasmuseum 

If you look closely you can see the square floor in the bottom of the photo. I could not walk in upon that floor. I have tried once and I would not do it again. I get terribly dizzy!!.

  The Faroe glass artist Trondur Patursson made a great mirror- and glass-installation "Kosmisk Rum" which was made in connection to Kulturby 96 in Copenhagen. With this Kosmisk Rum-installation Trondur Patursonn has tried to express the experience he had, when he sailed with a bamboo-fleet from China to America together with others in 1993. The journey lasted 106 days. He saw no other ships and was at the bamboo-fleet very close to the water, which made him be a part of the rhytm of the sea. And this gave him a kind of cosmic feeling of the sea.

He says that he has expressed it in the glass container by installing a mirror to walk on, but there is also a mirror above you, which gives a reflection with a depth of about 700 meters and a height of ab. 700 meters. This has the effect that you'll be in some kind of cosmic state. When you walk into the room there are no horizontal or vertical lines, it is like a feeling of walking upon the water, Trondur Patursson explains.

Apple-sculpture outside the museum in Ebeltoft (= Appletoft)

text and photo September 2013: grethe bachmann 


Teresa Evangeline said...

What an experience Trondur Patursonn must have had on the ocean!
What he has created from it appears stunning! I'm afraid I would not be able to walk there, either. I suffer from motion sickness/ vertigo. :(

Beautiful glass work. What fun to see this exhibition.

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa
Don't you get seasick too just by the thought of a little bamboo fleet on the ocean? But maybe the fleet is stronger than I imagine. But Trondur Patursson looks like someone who can handle a storm on the ocean if you see his photo on the wiki-site ! ´)

I'm fascinated by glass-art and the beautiful colours. They are so skilled those young people.
Grethe ´)