Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Sun Horse/ Solhesten

The Sun Horse and violet crocus in spring.

The Bronze statue of 'Solhesten' in Mindeparken in Århus was made by sculptor Valdemar Foersom Hegndal with an inspiration from the Sun Horse, an important religious symbol during Bronze Age.

Solvognen (Sun Carriage), now at the National Museum in Copenhagen, is from about 1350 B.C. It was found in Trundholm Moor, North West Zealand in 1902. A bronze horse pulls a bronze disc, at one side covered with a thin layer of gold. It was interpreted as the horse and the sun's travel across the sky during the day.

Nationalmuseum: Sun Horse
Sun chariot: Solvognen

photo 120308: grethe bachmann

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