Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Month of March - Roman God of War and Fertility

Mars, the Roman God of War and fertility was the inspiration for the name March. March is the time of the Storm Moon according to Pagan beliefs . The old Danish name was Lent-måned - which the Christian church had adopted from the vikings' word Lenct. The days grew longer in March and the vikings said the lengthening month of March woke the alder and gorse blooms. In England it was called Lengthening-month. The ancient Norse name was Thor-måned or Thord- måned after the Norse god Thor.
March is the second month of the Celtic Imbolc, and in the Celtic church it was believed that all the saints would redress the forces of darkness with the aim of driving out all negative energies and evil demons. In the Christian church it has something to do with the advent of Lent and Easter, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
In the calendar of March the herbs parsley and basil were believed to be able to cast away the dangers of starvation. the Earth Goddess and her support became vital to ensure the fertility of the land. March is also a time of spirituality and the influence of the feminine aspects within nature within all faiths. As for the the masculine aspect Aries in the astrological calendar brings the power, the sun, the seed and the determination to succeed. The ram (Aries) and the fish (Pisces) are like in February important in the role of animal folklore at this time.

Feel the shift of balance from darkness to light growing stronger.
Welcome spring! Now is the time for banishing winter!

photo 020308: grethe bachmann
, Marselisborg Forest, Århus

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