Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Viking Burial Site - Højstrup, Thy, North Jutland

The Vikings

The Viking burial site at Højstrup Mark by Tømmerby fjord in Thy, North Jutland dates from ab. year 800. It consists of different grave types with stone outlines of ships set down around cremation graves.

The Viking graves at Højstrup Mark and the big Viking burial site at Lindholm Høje by Aalborg (also North Jutland) have strong resemblances to a cemetery at Ingleby in Derbyshire, which is the only known Scandinavian cremation cemetery in England and an important source of information for Viking pagan graves in the Danelaw. ( The Ingleby graves dates to late 9th - early 10th century) The resemblance suggests that the Vikings buried at Ingleby may well have come from North Jutland.
Source : Ingleby cemetery Derbyshire, from 'Medieval Archaeology' 39 (1995) 51-70.

photo 130606: grethe bachmann, Højstrup, North Jutland

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