Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aarhus, my Town - New Waterfront

The Iceberg
students house

The promenad continues all the way up to the old coast road.

Iceberg and in the background a cruise liner.

the gardens

hanging gardens
the children love the chicken

small gardens for the whole family

A Greenhouse

Urban Farming 
In a big area which is not yet clear for the new buildings are some small gardens for people and they are extremely popular with young people and families with children.  When a new building site is started  next year the gardens can easily be moved to another free place but this summer they are placed  close to the promenad. and the sea. 

Urban Farming

ferry between Århus and Mols.

A beach has been created for the inhabitants. There are fine beaches norht and south of Aarhus but  there are already many inhabitants living by the water front and people from mid town come here too. Just put lots of sand upon the ground and plant some sweet little palms and you've got a beach by the water front. A new funny view tower was built and an interimistic beach bar  It was a success from the beginning. The beach  and the bar were filled up with people on this sunny Saturday in August . 

The Water Front

Aahus  has got a new waterfront . It is not yet finished but it will be soon. Aarhus is culture city in 2017.
 I took some photos yesterday on 22 august on a sunny warm day. It looks very promising  Many flats and apartments have now been sold or lent out. It was a nice walk along the beach promenad by the bay. There is also a beach with palm trees and sand and a beach bar ( still not yet quite finished) but people were crowding alle over the place. : .

one of the building sites.The old coast road in background

If you would like to see which are the architects of the waterfront then here are two links:

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