Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summerdays in August

Harvest and Beach

It's harvest time, we're in August and lovely summer days have arrived after a capricious July. We've got some warm sunny days without interruption and this is the right time for finishing the harvest. There is field work everywhere. The farmers are busy and they've got no time to relax and go to a beach today with the family This area on Djursland is agriculture land and the golden cornfields dominate the landscape.

Lystrup Strand  at the north coast of Djursland . By a corner of the beach is a small lagune formed by an outer sand bank.

You can walk out to the sand bank  The water is not deep  and Lystrup beach is a friendly place for children  - and not overcrowded..

The big beaches of North Djursland: Fjellerup and Bønderup are situated a little longer to the east of the coast.

The surroundings are very varied with beach meadows, fields, heather hills and forests.

Close to the north Djursland beaches: 
Djurs Sommerland  for the whole family (15 km )
Skandinavisk dyrepark (zoo-park) (15 km )
Tustrup Stone Age dolmens and passage grave in a landscape.  (2 km)
Nature Center Franders fjord.  (10 km)
Gl. Estrup Castle (12 km)

Airborn PR for Salami. Isn't this just an incredibly blue sky?

Nørager Kirke, built ca. 1100

High up above - this is a red kite!

A cosy house, Skarresø

the country road on the way back home

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
Henry James

photo Djursland August 2015: grethe bachmann


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