Tuesday, November 03, 2015

A Misty Day in November...

When the farmers had done the slaughter, they examined the spleen of the slaughtered animal. They were convinced this would tell them a lot about the weather to come. .

Nove means nine. November month origins from the old Roman calendar of king Numa Pompilius ab. 500 bc. At that time the Roman year started with the month of March, which made November the ninth month. When the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the year started with January, which brought disturbance in the old numerical order.! 

Aalsø kirke, Djursland

November is dark, but a landscape swept in a haze is like a landscape from a fairy tale, a mysterious place where everything can happen. This is a landscape which a movie director could use in Lord of the Ring or in a movie about the legendary King Arthur. 

Yes, the landscape is swept in grey shades but when the sun suddenly comes through, it reveals a beautiful golden tree upon a hilltop. Such is the weather in autumn. Filled with surprise and beauty. 

photo on a misty day at Djursland and Kolindsund November 2015: grethe bachmann

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