Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Kite and the Crow

The crow was attacking the kite like a spitfire until the kite disappeared to another more peaceful place.

photo july 2008: grethe bachmann

A little Bouquet of Butterflies

Silver-washed Fritillary/Kejserkaabe/Argynnis paphia
Bjerre skov, Horsens

Flying Large White/ Stor kaalsommerfugl/ Pieris brassicae

The Map/Nældesommerfugl/Araschnia levana
Boller Slotspark, Horsens

Peacock/Dagpåfugleøje/ Inachis io

photo july 2008: grethe bachmann

His Very First Car

Which car does he want next this little boy?

photo july 2008: grethe bachmann

Roses - Boller Castle Park, Horsens

Boller slot

The rose park at Boller Castle
Horsens, Jutland

photo July 2008: grethe bachmann