Friday, September 24, 2010

Comma Butterfly/ Det Hvide C

Polygonia C-album

The Comma butterfly has a wing span of 44-50 mm. It is characterized by its serrated wings and the white C. The specimen that develops early June are light (form: hutchinsoni). It flies late June till late September, and after overwintering from March till June.

The Comma butterfly lives in glades, edges of woods, thicket, parks and gardens with stinging nettle, hor or or elm. It overwinters as grown butterfly among branches and leaves . The caterpillar's foderplants: nettle (Urtica) hop (Humulus) and elm (Ulmus).

The flight is quick as lightning. It seeks to various flowers and to overripe windfalls.

Before the 1990s it was rare and appeared in singles, but in periods more frequent. Since the beginning of the 1990s it is frequent in many places in Denmark , possibly influenced by immigrants from Sweden ,where the Comma butterfly is common.

Source: Michael Stoltze, Dagsommerfugle i Danmark, 1998.

See Comma Butterfly in England and other countries.

photo Mindeparken Århus, 25 September 2010: grethe bachmann


Teresa Evangeline said...

That top photo is exquisite. Very pretty. Seeing them up so close is a real treat. Thank you, Grethe!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Grethe, I hope all is well and that life is good in your corner of the world....

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa, I've just seen your comment. I have been at hospital and am not quite well. Maybe it will take a week or so, before I can be here again. I miss it very much.
Thank you for caring.
Grethe `)

Teresa Evangeline said...

I look forward to your return to writing. Please Know my best thoughts are with you, and
a warm, gentle hug.