Monday, September 20, 2010

The American Paint Horse

Lilly from Texas

Paint horse and a sweet little foal.

I have often seen those pretty two-coloured horses in the fields, and I called them Indian horse, remembering the old Westerns. In the movies they mostly belonged to the Indians AFAIK. But I think Little Joe in Bonanza had a horse in black and white. The proper name is Paint horse, and the race comes from USA. It is a pretty horse with a muscular body building and bright colours in black-white or brown-white, and the shape of the patterns is much varied.

The reason why I suddenly got interested right now was a wonderful story from Texas I've just read about a lovely Paint horse named Lilly and its friendship with its owner. I shall not tell you anything more about this, it has to be told to you by Jack Matthew himself in his blog Sage to Meadow, one of the blogs I follow.

January 2011: Lilly 1985-2011

The race Paint Horse has existed in Denmark since 1984, and there are registrated 50 new paints each year. In USA Paints is one of the fastest growing horse races in registration of foals.

photo Nordjylland, Lille Vildmose 2008: grethe bachmann


Teresa Evangeline said...

How wonderful for you to honor Jack and his horse, Lilly, in this way. He has written a fine tribute to her and to their life together. Wouldn't it be nice if all animals had such good companions?

Thyra said...

Teresa, that was exactly what I thought! That all animals should have such a good life with a good friend who took care of them.

Wanda..... said...

I think of them as Indian Horses too. There is a beautiful Disney movie about such wild American horses..."Spirit"...that my grandchildren watched over and over. I enjoyed it too! Lovely story about Lilly.

Thyra said...

Thank you Wanda! I would like to see that movie. Maybe it will come on one of the channels one day. Yes, the story about Lilly is such a touching story.
Have a nice day in your beautiful place.
Grethe ´)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Grethe, you are so generous with your blog to include me. And, those pictures of the horses are dandy. Aren't they something else! Really fine. I appreciate the link within your blog so very much. You are, of course, on my number one blogroll and I am so enlightened every time I come to see you. Those are well-conditioned paint horses you have photographed and they will make it through your winters.

I want to tell you how much I enjoy your history and archeological articles, too. You have a very rich blog and I'm so glad I found you.


Thyra said...

You're so welcome, Jack. I just could not help doing it. You are so generous to me and have been it from day one - I'm also glad that I found you via Kittie. It is so interesting and wonderful to read about your life in Texas, the nature, the animals and everything.

You can see that these horses are healthy, that's good. I guess it might have something to do with their shining skin and strong muscles. They are out both day and night and still look like they have just "taken a bath and been brushed."

I'm very happy that you like my articles.

Have a nice week-end
Grethe `)

CherylK said...

Such a nice post, Grethe.

My granddaughter had a Paint. Her name is Denali and she's a beauty. She has the same coloring as the pretty horse in your photo.

I do enjoy Jack's Sage to Meadow blog but haven't visited him for some time. I'll go read about Lilly as soon as I post this.

I hope you're having a wonderful week.

Thyra said...

It must be wonderful for your granddaughter to have a beautiful horse like that. I never knew the name Paint until I saw Jack's post about that sweet Lilly. I don't see the Paint horse often here.
Best wishes

Thyra said...

I see at Jacks post at Sage to Meadow that sweet Lilly, that wonderful horse, has died. She was old of age, but she was a family member, and it is always sad to say good-bye.

CherylK said...

Your photos are lovely, Grethe! Those are really beautiful horses.

I haven't visited Jack's blog for awhile so thank you for posting about Lilly. So sad.