Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Helgenæs and Sletterhage, Mols, East Jutland

Always lying there by the road to Mols, the castle ruin from the 1300s, built by king Erik Menved. It was once an important fortification, now it is just a ruin visited by thousands of people each year. On the land of the castle island are many interesting plants, especially by the steep slopes behind the ruin.

The water is calm and blank and the warm light of summer has been replaced by the clear light of the beginning autumn. The temperatures are cooler today.

Oh, they really have a nice days those cows, just look at them, resting close to one another, one with her head upon the shoulder of her neighbour.

Now the farmer is ploughing the land. Harvest is over, next season has to be prepared.

Another field with graphic shapes and an amazing blue sea. On the other side of the bay is a glimpse of the southern part of the city Århus.

Now we are on Helgenæs, close to the place where Harald Bluetooth according to a legend was killed.

A very small harbour at Kongsgaarde. Here was once a king's estate or a castle. Nothing is left but the name.

On the Helgenæs and Sletterhage area are many galleries, open in the summer period. This one is Bo Bendixen's gallery on the road to Sletterhage.

I wonder if those two retrievers are guarding the garage or they are only enjoying their nap after dinner. They look rather un-guarding!

When the yellow house shows at the corner the south tip of Helgenæs with the coast at Sletterhage is near.

Sletterhage,near the lighthouse are some firs giving a little shelter if that's what you want ......

but we're going down to the stony beach and the salty air........

...........isn't it just a lovely sound when the water runs over the stones and back again, trickle, trickle....... if my bedroom was close to such a place I would be able to fall asleep.......

.....if you like to gather stones - here are lots and lots of pretty stones, flat ones, round ones, with holes to put them on a long leather rope at your window or your door, some fossilized sea urchins etc.

I love the sea, and I feel like an old sailor when I'm here........ although I get seasick......

This island, Samsø, here seen from Sletterhage, is one of many Danish islands. There are 443 named islands. 76 islands are inhabited. The Danish coastline is 7 314 km. Almost all areas of Denmark are close to the coast, no area is more than 52 km from the sea.

Hjelm, a small island with an exciting history. This is the famous Marsk Stig Andersen Hvide's island.
If you like: Stig Andersen Hvide

Hips,hips everywhere - do I have spare time to make some marmalade?

Anagallis arvensis:) This plant has a tiny, tiny red flower, and I seldom see it. In Danish: Rød Arve (or Rød Pimpernel) - and in English: Scarlet pimpernel, also known as red pimpernel, red chickweed, poorman's barometer, shepherd's weather glass or shepherd's clock. It is most well known for being the emblem of the hero The Scarlet Pimpernel.

As shown in blog Flora and Fauna, we were also on a little tour to the Mols- Laboratory, where we said hello to the sweet Galloways.

After this on the narrow road up hill into the sky and back home.

photo Mols 4. September 2010: grethe bachmann


Wanda..... said...

How wonderful to live close to the ruins of a castle. We live close to Indian burial mounds, but no castles!
Those clouds go on forever. Denmark is a beautiful country Grethe, especially where you are, such scenes of flora, fauna, sky, land and sea! Enjoyed your lovely post!

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful tour you took me on; I really enjoy seeing your part of the world. You show wonderful seascapes with the islands dotted in them, the peaceful setting with the cows, harvesting and bales of hay but the photo I love the most is the one of the fir trees. This photo is magical to me, the light and shade, the glimpse of the sea and it gives me the feeling that I want to travel along this road a bit further to see what is around the corner. This is such a lovely post.

Thyra said...

Hello ladies!
Thank you Wanda! Kalø is one of few ruins. Lots of castles were burnt down in the 1300s-1400s. I would love to see them too!! I wonder how the Indian burial mounds look like, maybe like ours from Bronze Age? Do you pass them on your tours?

Hej Marilyn, your photos from your country on your blog are so beautiful. They show your feelings about the nature. You've got some great mountains too! I know what you mean about the firs. I always notice them when I am at this place. Thanks!

Grethe ´)

CherylK said...

Well, I must say I've learned a lot from this post, Grethe! And have really enjoyed your photography, as usual. Denmark must be so beautiful.

I think the two retrievers are not on guard duty...they look entirely too relaxed :-)

Can you really make marmalade with rose hips? I've got lots of rose hips from our prairie roses.

So that's a scarlet pimpernel? Pretty flower. I've never read The Scarlet Pimpernel nor have I seen the movie but I am going to, now.

I especially love the fir trees picture and the photo with the yellow house. And what are those pretty horses in the last photo?

Teresa Evangeline said...

A fabulous little journey! Love the hay bales next to the sea, the yellow house on the corner, the fir tree-lined lane and then the turn uphill heading home. Lovely photos, and a lovely time I had! :)

Thyra said...

Thanks Teresa! I feel I might hide those days inside and take them out when I'm sick or feeling bad.

Thyra said...

Hello Cheryl! I did not see your comment when I wrote to Teresa! Yes, you can make a lovely delicious marmalade with hips, especially when you mix them with apples. The hips have to be from the wild rose on the photo. Maybe your prairie rose is similar? They contain lots of C-vitamins.
The little horses were just on a field along the road. They were very small, so cute.
Thanks for comment Cheryl.

Kittie Howard said...

Grethe,I love your walking tours! You always have such beautiful photos with just the right words...the history to anchor a place in time, the daily life in the present, Nature's quiet influence, and words to stir the imagination...I'd love to make rose hip marmalade, smell that sweet hay, hear the water trickle over the rocks. A beautiful post, Grethe!!

Thyra said...

Thank you Kittie! It's good to have some good summerdays to remember! We've got rain and rain now, but usually will come a period with lovely sunny autumn weather, a high sky, fresh air and strong colours.
Have a nice day!