Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New Scientific Research

Antidepressives in the Water:

The rising use of antidepressives is visible in nature, where the level is rising in river mouths and coastal areas. Shrimps that live in water with rests of antidepressive medicine are five times more inclined to swim towards the light and thereby be eaten. This is shown in a scientific research from the University in Portsmouth - and this might be a serious problem. The shrimp plays an important role in the food chain - and a change in its natural behaviour can turn the natural balance in the eco-system upside down, says the leader of the research dr. Alex Ford.

The Honey Bee in Crisis.
There are problems in the honey-bee pollination right now. Since 2006 has a mysterious syndrome spread, where the honey-bees suddenly and without known reasons leave their hives. This was one of the themes at a World's Insect-Congress at Copenhagen's University this summer. 750 leading scientists from over 40 various countries met in order to exchange knowledge and experience from the new research-results, among others the honey-bee problems. This "Colony Collapse Disorder", as it is named, is an increasing problem for bee-keepers in Europe and North America, and it might threaten the honey-bee's crucial pollination of plants. The scientists of the congress met the Danish bee-keepers to try to find an explanation of the mystery. The solution might be found in the new DNA-technology. The value of bee-pollination in Denmark is about 700 million kroner, which was stated by Institute of Agriculture and Ecology at Copenhagen's University in 2007. Besides this is the huge importance the bees have on the biodiversity in our wild nature. The increased use of pesticides in the farmland and a decline in the number of bee-keepers has also marked the honey-bee's pollination.

Source: Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Natur & Miljø, nr. 3, September 2010.

photo 2008/2010: grethe bachmann


Thyra said...

OH, I changed some posts and moved this one and then the comments from you have gone!

CherylK said...

First of all, accidentally removing the comments is just like something that would happen to me! So sorry that it happened to you :(

The honey bees in crisis is very disturbing. I do believe that pesticides are directly related to this. Our ecosystem is so fragile. Very sad.

Thyra said...

Welcome Cheryl! Oh yes, sometimes the oddest things happen. Now see to Kittie who is suddenly a shadow among the blogs she follows, it's a mystery.

I'm realy scared about things like this, for we don't know if we can stop it.
Grethe ´)