Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boosting Your Health with 5 Herbs

I know that most people today know how to take good care of their health. I  myself too. Sometimes I forget all the good advice, but when I  begin to see the herbs pop up from the earth out there in the woods and in the fields in spring, I suddenly remember how fantastic it is that you can just go out there and gather herbs for your own kitchen. All those herbs during spring and summer with all those fine qualities. There are so many fine herbs out there with an ancient history, and when you gather herbs it's like being the part of a thousand year old chain of people. The herbs were always there - and they probably will continue to be there...........

5 herbs for your health.

Stinging Nettle.

Already from the first days of spring the first little nettle shots pop up into the air from the black soil, and those tiny sprouts are bursting with nutrition and energy. The nettle contains among other things large amounts of zinc, which is important for the production of insuline and sexual hormones. Nettle contains also much iron, of which women are often in shortage - this can cause anemia and fatigue. Furthermore the nettle contains much betacarotene, B- and C- vitamins, calcium, potassium, silicon and sodium. The aboveground part of the nettle is used in herbal medicine, typically for women, because of its nutritious qualities. The nettle also works diuretic, mildly blood-sugar regulating and milk promoting.

  Lemon Balm                                                                                      
Old garden at Nyord, an island between Zealand and Møn

Lemon balm is sedative for the nervous system and is used as a natural part of  the treatment of problems  like stress and insomnia.

Krans-mynte( Mentha x verticillata)

Peppermint is a wellknown old medicinal herb, which through centuries was used against stomach problems and against nausea. It is also a good means against flu and cold, and it stimulates the circulation - at the same time it increases the blood circulation to the brain and clears the mind.

 Ground elder

This is the edible plant of all times - most are annoyed by it because it spreads violently, but both leaves and flowers can be used in cooking. The leaves are good in salads, soups and vegetable-dishes. The flowers can be used in salad. The ground elder is also fine as a green touch in juices and smoothies. The tiny leaves taste best. The plant is basic, rich in minerals and is said to work detoxifying. That's why it is especially good in arthritis-problems.


The dandelion contains almost double as much A-vitamin as spinach, which is known for its big content of A-vitamin. The leaves of dandelion taste bitter and stimulate the liver and the digestion. Pluck the fine leaves and chop them finely for a salad, or put them in vegetable-dishes - or brew a dandelion tea. The flowers can be used as a decoration in salads and desserts. The dandelion is used in herbal medicine to cleanse the blood and to improve the work of the liver and the gall. It contains much potassium and many good vitamins and minerals.

Source: Caroline Fibæk: Urt din sundhed op, Sunde tips, Femina nr.19, Maj 2012. 

photo: grethe bachmann

photo of Mentha x verticillata: stig bachmann nielsen, 

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Out on the prairie said...

I have tried nettles, when cooked it is called Hobo Stew.I grew an Italian Dandelion for greens many years.