Thursday, May 17, 2012

Landscape in Viborg district in May

The landscape in May is lightgreen - and if the weather is fine and sunny , it is so nice and lovely everywhere. And I love the month of May.  But the days of May this year have been very cold, and today on the 18th of May it is still cold. I have turned up the heat in the rooms.
The day I was in the district around Viborg the weather was also rather cold, it had been frost a couple of nights ago -  and if I compare to photos from other years in May there are usually goats and ponies in the fields by the Dollerup brook. It was obvious that the soil here was too moisty. Some of the blooming hedgerows are holding back their flowers. Maybe next week-end will be better -  I really long for the butterflies!     

There is a sweet song, which tells about this mild and gentle landscape in May.

Kom, maj, du søde, milde!
Gør skoven atter grøn,
og lad ved bæk og kilde
violen blomstre skøn.
Hvor ville jeg dog gerne,
at jeg igen den så!
Ak, kære maj, hvor gerne
igen i marken gå.

I'm sorry I cannot sing it for you - and I'm not sure you would like it! You know the tune, it's a wellknown Mozart melody. da da da da di diii da - da da da da didi da ..........etc!!!

Dolllerup Bakker, the heath

View from Dollerup Bakker to Hald Sø

Beech in May

rape field and dandelions

Lake at Klosterlund

Lake at Klosterlund

Orienteering race

Kærmysse/ Bog Arum

Klosterlund, colour by the edge of the lake

Good friends
Testrupvej, Viborg district

Testrupvej and Hald Sø, Viborg district

Iceland Ponies

Dollerup brook, Viborg district.

Dolllerup brook, Viborg district.

at Dollerup brook, Viborg district

photo May 2012: grethe bachmann



Wanda..... said...

Early spring does give us wonderful shades of green. Our spring has been warmer than usual. I planted my garden yesterday, not a very big one, but am looking forward to picking fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes, basil and cucumbers.

Enjoyed the photos, Grethe!

stardust said...

I feel sweet breeze of May from your photos, Grethe, even if it’s a little cold in your world. There are green colors that we can only see in spring. We have Japanese word “kaze kaoru” to describe about May. It is used as seasonal word in composing haiku poem and means “cool breeze of early summer with the fragrance of fresh leaves”. Thanks for the song lyrics. I wanted to know the melody and found Youtube video,


Thyra said...

Hej Wanda, it sounds good what you're doing in your garden - but work in the garden can be really hard. ´( Tomatoes from a garden are wonderful. And basil. What a pesto you can make. I'm looking forward to seeing your dishes!

You've got some warmth over there on the other side of the big pond, I really hope it will come here soon. Maybe Sunday 20 May they say!! They say so much...

Have a nice week.-end, Wanda!
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

"kaze kaoru". That's beautiful. The Japanese language is something special. My son is fascinated by Japan and the language.
I have seen your photos from the rape fields and the other places. They are so unique and beautiful.
Thank you. I love to see your posts.

You really found the melody! That's great. Can you sing it?

Have a nice week-end, Yoko, in wonderful Japan.
Grethe ´)

Michael and Hanne said...

Lovely Spring Photos! We can sing the song it is so well known in our family- I used to play piano for a Danish choir here in Canada and Hanne sang in it, so we both sang it to you as we read your blog!

Thyra said...

Hej, I guessed you knew the song Michael and Hanne! Then you have played many Danish songs with the choir. Thanks for the entertainment! I could hear your good, strong voices across the Atlantic!
Have a nice week-end
Grethe ´)