Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nørre Snede Village and Rørbæk Sø, Mid Jutland.

The sky was black and the rain was heavy. This really did not look good! We were on our way to pass the newly inaugurated highway bridge in Gudenå River valley at Funder, a bridge which had been discussed politically and among everyone years before they started the building.

Before we reached the bridge we passed a fauna bridge. There are various types, some lead above the road, others under the road, some are dry or wet passages. The highways are dangerous to animals, there are investigations of how the fauna passages work in Denmark and abroad. Some animal species avoid completely the open areas of roads and railways, other species try to cross the roads with risch of being hit. Putting up fences can prevent the large animals in getting on the road, but this also increase the barrier. It's not easy. Many areas, which earlier functioned as a habitat and a spreading corridor for wild animals, are reduced or have disappeared.

It's a long bridge, the longest bridge across land in Denmark, about 740 meters. ( the photo of the bridge seen from a hill is from 2010) There was not much to see this of the landscape below because of the rain - so we went on to Nørre Snede where we wanted to see how things were going with the "Heart Path" (Hjertestien). It's a path which runs around the village in Nørre Snede.
here was once an Iron Age village.
relief dog, Nørre Snede church.

I wanted first to see the church which is being renovated. There are some funny reliefs on the wall, especially the dog is fine. The heart path has a view point on a hill in a pasture area from where you can overlook a fine landscape. Downside the hill was in ancient times a village, a so-called classical Iron Age village, which via the excavations has told much about people's lives in Iron Age.

Upon the hill is a low viewing-place with planches and drawings of animals, birds, insects, plants which are seen here, and a description of the Iron Age village etc. It is also meant for school children when they are out on tour. (if you enlarge you can see the raindrops on the planche). The "heart path" leads to many other places on the tour through the village of Nørre Snede, which actually is a big village, but the signs with the heart had not been placed yet along the road. They will probably be there before next season.

It was as if the sky was a little lighter somewhere up there, the sun made a fresh attempt to shine through the clouds - but not yet. Maybe later.  It's necessary to be an optimist when it's about the weather in autumn, and now we are soon close to winter! Now coffee break at Rørbæk Sø (lake). The water was like a mirror. Literally. It was not a cliché.  Not a movement in the water, except if a bird came by. And the sun began shining through and the light became golden like it is in a summer's late afternoon. It was worth gettting out that day just to see this.


photos: 14 October 2012: grethe bachmann
drawings on planches: stig bachmann nielsen.


Out on the prairie said...

What a lovely area to visit, even with no sun.I like the bridges to protect the wildlife, many litter our highways.

Thyra said...

Hello Steve, yes I like to go there - and the only day in the week, where I've got the possibility to do it is in the week-end. To-morrow, Saturday there might be some hail and snow, but I'll probably go out anyway!! We'll change the clock this week-end btw.

I wonder how the animals find out where to go on those bridges. But it's good we are doing something to help them.

Have a nice week-end over there on the prairie.
Grethe ´)

Teresa Evangeline said...

Very atmospheric photos. I love the first one of the road and the clouds looming! Lovely "travelogue."

Thyra said...

Thank you, Teresa. It's very cold to-night. I've just been out to take a little check. Feels like snow in the air, but I hope I can go out to-morrow.

The moon is shining like a little sun! How is it over there?

I'm watching an old movie on TV with Jack Nicholson. ´)

Grethe ´)