Sunday, October 21, 2012

Those lovely Cows ..... a little about the Jersey's

jersey cows and apple trees in May

I love cows, those gentle peaceful animals with the lovely, friendly eyes. It's a long time since I had some photos of cows here on the blog, but here are some pretty jersey calves and some cows for you, all from the month of May. The jersey cattle are so pretty with the finest light yellow-brown colour, they look like they have been fed up with butter. I don't see the jersey's in the fields as frequently any more.

The jersey cow is small. The jersey cattle origin from the island Jersey in the British channel, and the only cattle race on the island are the jersey cattle, there has been a prohibition towards import of other cattle races for the last 150 years. Supposedly the jersey cattle existed in England since 1741, under the name alderney's. The jersey cattle came to Denmark in 1896.


When I - as a child - was on vacation at my grandmother's out in the country, both in the school and winter holidays, I fetched jersey milk for her sometimes from a farmer not far away. It was a very "thick" milk. There was a lot of cream to take from it for whipped cream - and it was almost yellow. I thought it was too fat, but it was healthy, said my grandmother- so I had apple pie with whipped jersey cream - having round cheeks when I came home to mom and dad in the city..

I see now - in the informations - that the milk actually contains more fat and more protein compared to other cattle races and more minerals and vitamins - also more than other cattle races, so my grandmother was right although she never knew Google. And the milk is good for making cheese too. What kind of cheese I wonder?

If you are more interested in the jerseys then here's a link:

Jersey cattle

photo: the calves are from south of Vejle, the cows from Borremose, Himmerland: grethe bachmann


Out on the prairie said...

Beautiful cows, I sometimes enjoy just watching their beauty

Gerry Snape said...

sweet faces!!...