Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chocolate is healthy -.Seven good News!

Here are seven good news about chocolate, so don't feel it as a burden upon your conscience if you love chocolate. 
A piece of chocolate each day is okay!

1) Chocolate minimizes the risc of a stroke. 
If you eat 60 g chocolate a week, you've got less risc of dying from a stroke.This is due to the flavonoids, an antioxidant, which is richly presented in chocolat. It lowers the blood pressure and the levels of the bad cholesterol.

2)  - keeps you slim
People who eat moderate chocolate each week are slimmer than people eating chocolate sometimes. A research shows this. In USA they compared two similar groups of people. The difference was there, but it was not obvious what made the difference.

3) - gives you a sharper eyesight
A piece of chocolate can make you a better driver in bad weather. The flavonoids are probably the reason, since they increase the blood flow to the retina which makes you see better. This is particularly true when it is difficult to distinguish contrasts in rain and fog.

4 ) - makes you a math genius!
If you need to control your loan in the bank or help your school-child with the math? A little chocolate can make you more clever. An English research concluded that students who eat chocolate were better doing the math. The reason? The flavonoids increase the blood flow to the brain.

5) - makes you remember it all.
Chocolate can overcome the age-related memory. In other words: it makes you wiser. In order to find out if this could be measured, a scientist examined for fun the link between chocolate-ingesting and the Nobel-prizes. In Schwitzerland people are the top chocolate eaters -  and Schwitzerland is in top as to the Nobel prizes!!

6) - can promote love
 Does chocolate work as a natural viagra? Both yes and now. It is known that the substance fenetylamin, which is present in lesser numbers in chocolate, releases endorphines and increases the effect of dopamine, which on the other hand affects the sexual desire. But it is not certain if the number of the substance in chocolate is enough to affect the sexual feelings.

7. - helps the PMS-mood.
 Chocolate increases the serotonin-hormone in the brain. Therefore it functions as increasing the mood for a woman with pms or menses, where the serotonin-levels are low.

By Anki Sydegaard/ translation Marianne Arnvig/sundhedsøndag, nr. 46, 11.11.13, 
Sources: Medicinehunter. com,, SVD.SE, BBC NEWS, 


Out on the prairie said...

That must be why I crave it. I was working with a friend and ate a good amount of the cookies she left on the counter over a few days. She criticized this and I said she shouldn't have left this out in front of a chocoholic.

Thyra said...

Oh no, that's right Steve. I would not be able to let those cookies be left alone either!
Grethe ´)