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Borgring - the Fifth Viking Ring Fortress in Denmark

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Viking ring fortress on Zealand. 
Latest News from 18 november 2014
2 analyzes from the new ring fortress of wooden pieces from the northern gate were dated by  radiocarbon dating - and they show that the ring fortress Borgring was built in the 900s. This means that the new-found Viking ring castle is Denmarks 5th Viking ring fortress. 

In the American magazine Archaeology the Viking fortress Borgring is on a top ten list of the greatest discoveries of 2014. 

The dating result will be presented Tuesday 18 November 2014 on an internationel seminar at Aarhus University together with archaeological  results fromr the excavations this summer.

 Borgring as now regarded as Denmarks 3. largest Viking fortress..

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Various info 2014: For the first time in 60 years a new ring fortress has been found in Denmark. The officiel name is now Borgring. The Viking fortification is located on Zealand east of Gl. Lellingegård in the parish of Højelse and north-east of Lellinge.  The ring sits on land under the Chapter of Vallø (the land and Gl. Lellingegaard has been a part of the estate of Vallø  since 1721).

It was because of  skilled archaeological work  when scientists from Aarhus University and Danmarks Borgcenter could tell that they had found a new ring-castle in Denmark 

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It was 60 year since a ring-castle was found in Denmark and the new find is the result of an intensive hunt after exactly a ring-fortress like this. One of the archaeologists behind the new find is professor Søren Sindbæk who says that this is almost like a good crime story. He has never experienced an excavation like this before. " We have found a unique mionument, but we've also found it because we were following a presumption," he says.

Borgring is circular in shape and spans 145 metres across and thus ranks third among the original, Danish Viking ring fortresses. It featured a 10–11-meter wide rampart and was shielded by a palisade. made by pointed wooden stakes. No fortification moat has been uncovered, but the Ellebækken stream running due west of the fortification might have offered a natural defence as might a small lake to the north/north-east. During the excavation in 2014 the northern and eastern gates were found exactly where they would be expected to be in a trelleborg-type fortification.

Trelleborg at Slagelse , from wikipedia

Borgring now joins the group of  trelleborgs which include Trelleborg at Slagelse, Nonnebakken at Odense, Fyrkat at Hobro and Aggersborg next to the Limfjord.


During the Viking age the Borgring fortress would have enjoyed a strategic, geographical advantage overlooking the intersection of the old high roads from Roskilde and Ringsted extending as far as the two streams in Køge ådal, which at this time was a ship-ready fjord and one of the best natural ports on Zealand, offering easy access to the Bay of Køge.

Harald Bluetooth is presumed to be the master builder of the other Danish trelleborg-type fortresses, and it seems plausible that he may indeed have built the ring fortress at Lellinge, too.  

Excavations will continue in 2015.


Out on the prairie said...

So this maybe came about from a story or folktale? this is a fairly large fortification to be lost, records must not have been maintained.A beautiful area, we are covered in snow here.

Thyra said...

There is a legend too, yes. Maybe there are more such fortification in other places. I think they are found now because there are better terchniques.

I have read that you've got winter all over the USA. I hope you'll keep it for yourselves!! ')

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