Thursday, January 01, 2015

Viborg and Dollerup in September

A Taste of Denmark

Dollerup Bakker is a popular destination for hikers and bikers. From the top of the hills are several magnificent views across the lake Hald. On the other side of the hills is a large heath as far as you can see. The hills lie by Hald Sø (lake) which is one of the deepest lakes in Denmark ( 31 m). The lake was created in the latest Ice Age by a gigantic ice lump. The ice melted and formed the very hilly terrain which is a part of the Mid Jutland heath. There are large height differences in the area. 

A view from my favorite resting place down to Hald sø. Far away you can see the town Viborg, but it was a misty day. It is late in September and nature is still mild and warm. A small copper (lille ildfugl) was still flying around in the fine weather.

There are lots of cowberry-bushes but the berries seem to have been picked already here. Cowberry or lingonberry is not a commercial product today, but during earlier centuries they were a welcome extra profit for women and children from the simple living peasant-families on the Jutland heath. Women and children sold the berries to the local grocers, who sent most of the portion to Copenhagen. 30.000 kilo were sold in a record year as late as 1947. The owner of the "cowberry-parcel" got a certain quantum of the berries or the peasant-family might do some work for him in order to keep the allowance. It was also a common thing to dry berries in the oven and sell them later at high prices.  The women did not tolerate any foreigners on "their land". If some foreign woman arrived she was chasen away with much trouble and physical fights. This was great entertainment for the children.

People used the dried leaves for a nice tasting tea.

In the oak coffin of the Egtved Girl from Bronze Age was found some cowberry wine.  

During the latest years the Danish forest- and nature management and the municipality of Viborg have been working on a large restoration and reestablishment of the original nature in Dollerup, so it now appears as the almost lost culture landscape from the Middle Denmark. Among other things many trees , which did not belong on the heath, were removed. As late as in the winter 2008-2009 large parts of self-grown trees were removed and light open spaces were created . They are necessary in order to reestablish the worth conserving heath and pasture landscape in Dollerup Bakker. Other places are kept open by goats and sheep.

In September was a city-feast in Viborg. with many various activities  Viborg is a nice and cosy town with many fine cafès and restaurants, museums and interesting places for the whole family. Also the surroundings of the town holds many attractions. You can see it on the website

market day
Music in the street.
What a big dog! Is it the Danish Dog?
The fine dog has spotted me. It looks friendly don't it?
"See me hop see me run!"  Are they really alive?

market day


In Viborg is a Latin garden (Latinerhaven).In the 1700s it belonged to the old Latin school. The garden was taken over by Viborg municipality in 1928 after the Latin school stopped. The garden is divided into various sections with flowers, perrenials and rhododendrons - and a newer section with snaps-herbs.

photo September 2014 in Viborg and Dollerup Bakker: grethe bachmann


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