Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Green Fields in Winter

A Taste of Denmark

The winterseed creates lovely green fields during the winter season. On a  mild day in December the sun was shining through a haze across the winter-green fields.

The green fields are also good for geese and whooper swans who do some grazing up here North in winter.

You might almost believe that this is a spring morning and the church bell is ringing for service, but it is in the afternoon and the sun is already slowly on its way down.

If the winter is hard it can be a very costy business for the farmer. The extra expenses can be enormous if the seed is damaged. The winter is mild until now, sometimes with plus 10 Celsius which is a very high temperature in December.  But you can never tell. January and February can be a tough period for the winter seed.

A cosy little village lies surrounded by green fields.

A centralization in the 1960s meant that many shops, manufacturing business and schools have disappeared from the villages. But the increasing interest for the local community, environment and nature has caused that many villages have become attractive for people who are commuting to their job or go shopping in the big cities.

In some regions called udkantsDanmark  ( outskirtsDenmark) are problems because the necessary  jobs are only to find in the big cities. One of the results are many empty houses in the villages and no shops at all. A sad development.

It looks so peaceful and beautiful. This might be a scene from a Jane Austen film with d'Arcy and Elizabeth coming in from the right.............

Now it's later in the afternoon and the green fields are darker green.  Today's painters do not (usually) create their paintings outdoors. ( Maybe when they do watercolours). But when it was common to work on a painting outdoors they had to work fast in order to catch the light and the shades which many French impressionists have described. .

The last landscape from this day in December. The light is quickly fading. See you next time!

 photo East Jutland December 2014: grethe bachmann


Kittie Howard said...

Gorgeous scenery and a very interesting commentary. There's something about looking at green fields that stirs the imagination and warms the soul. Is the seed planted to make more seed for sale or for other uses? Didn't know about the centralization in the 60's that depleted the villages. On one hand, the villages are beautiful, like postcards; on the other hand, I think it would be tough for young people to live there, unless one's parents owned the farm and so on.

E-mail coming soon!!!

Thyra said...

Hej Kittie, lovely to see you again.
There are some advantages in the winter-green fields as to an improvement of the soil but it is such a long and complicated explanation and with so many agricultural words that I gave up. But there is a purpose!
Looking forward to mail!

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice and cheery to see all the green. I was looking for subjects yesterday and everything is at rest under the snow here.