Sunday, February 07, 2016

That was a good TV-Experience from lovely Italy........

University of Bologna, (photo wikipedia)
I just saw an episode "The Art of the Feast" with Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli in TV - series Italy Unpacked. They  travel through Italy exploring the country's history, culture, food, art and landscape.

This first time I saw it was also the very first episode I guess. They began in Bologna, la Dotta, la Grassa,la Rossa. They visit shops, art institutions and the oldest university in the world.  I was not aware this was the oldest Uni in the world, but it is great to get some information. I like that kind of TV -  and I always love to see something from sunny Italy. I can almost feel the sun is shining when I see this golden light in Bologna and the district, but then I look out my window and see reality: a dark and grey winter's day. .

I like those two guys, with their mix of English and Italian talk, they are so enthusiastic about things.  They suit well together and I'm looking forward to the next shows.

I wonder what car they drive. Seem to be Graham-Dixons car  He told he is a fan of great cars. They visited the Ferrari Museum in Modena. Great architecture by the Czech Jan Kaplický

An Italian lady made pasta in a beautiful Italian room which was actually a shop where you could buy pasta.  In the Bologna way. Not with durum flour, but with light flour. I have sometimes made pasta in that way (Fettucine) and it tastes heavenly, much much better than the pasta you buy in the supermarket. Maybe I should make some pasta this week. Although this one is very rich. Lots of calories -  la Grassa.

And there was much more about good food in the region :  like Balsamico and Parma ham etc.

Palazzo Diamanti, Ferrara (photo Google Earth )
The Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara is mildly said a special building, each building stone is shaped like a diamond. It was built ab. 1495, the building master was duke Ercole d'Este, the master of many of the most famous buildings in Ferrara. He had a nickname : Diamond.  His daughter Isabella d'Este was a famous woman in history, she was one of the leading women of the Italian Renaissance. (She is one of my favorite Italian personalities from history). His son Alfonso got married to another famous Italian woman, Lucrezia Borgia.

There is a funny, charming scene where Giorgio Locatelli views an original copy of the first cook book of Italy at the old Palatino Library in Parma. And there is a beautiful look at Corregio's fresco in the dome of Parma Cathedral.

The information is  perfetto , all in good humour and with lots of charm. 

Good TV- experience. I'm looking forward to the next.

Buona notte!

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