Sunday, September 20, 2015

Healthy Cleaning !


Thst's not me ! but I was impressed by this girl and her laundry . It's at a public resort in Mols Bjerge so she is used to tourists!

Well maybe  it's time to do some extra cleaning in the house after summer ? I saw this below advice in my weekly magazine. I think most of us know these advice from out mothers, don't we? But we forget them. They are so easy - besides they are good for people who suffer from allergies and they are good for the climate indoors. 

Maybe I don't need to go and buy all those cleaners, although I buy them green. I've got lemon, vinegar, baking powder, salt and maize starch in the house. That's enough - and then there'll be money for something else. Maybe chocolate or a delicious cake for the afternoon coffee - or do you prefer something more healthy? 

1) Lemon.
Use it for making chrome and brass shine. (Mix the lemon juice with a little olive oil.  This is the perfect solution for wooden surfaces. ) Lemon can also remove the calcium scale in the bathroom.

2) Vinegar
Use it to desinfect and clean your bathroom: sink,toilet, floor etc. Can salso be added to water in order to clean windows  (you don't need fine cloths to clean windows, old newspapers are fantastic). Vinegar is also fine as a fabric softener because it removes calcium in the laundry and leaves it soft and without vinegar smell.

3) Baking Powder
Effective and simple cleaner of surface. It is good if you want to remove difficult spots. It is also a fine remedy in order to absorb bad odor.

4) Salt
Mixed with lime juice it can be used to remove rust. It can also be used as a peeling on the skin.

5) Maize Starrch
Functions as a means for cleaning windows, polishing furniture and cleaning carpets.

Have fun!

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