Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Rudolph Tegner Museum , Zealand

The Rudolph Tegner Museum is set in the middle of a protected area just south of Dronningmølle on Zealand's  north coast, some 50 km north of Copenhagen. .The museum building was built to Tegner's own design with the assistance of the architect Mogens Lassen. Construction began in 1937 and it was inaugurated in 1938. A renovation was completed in 2003.

The park called Rusland, the Danish name for Russia.

The museum is built in concrete to an unusual bunker - like Modernist design. The building needed large dimensions to embrace Tegner's works many of which are of very large proportions. The museum has been built without picture windows to avoid distracting the visitor with views of the scenic surroundings. Except for a small window in the gable, all natural light comes from skylights. Concrete as a material was chosen for reasons of fire safety The facade bears reference to Antique architecture. The difference in scale between the entrance section and the main gallery is designed to create an overwhelming experience for those entering the museum and to enhance its character of a treasury.

Rudolph Tegner's art is very significant and conspicious with violent monumental  measures. Many were being provoced in his time by the size and the fierceness of the sculptures, maybe because they were a contrast to the classicism of the sculptor Berthel Thorvaldsen. In the heather hills surrounding the museum are 14 Tegner sculptures set up. In the building is a permanent collection of about 250 sculptures and sketches in plaster, clay, bronze and marble.

Rudolph Tegner started his combination of art and nature after he in 1916 bought the central section of the area. He later handed over the land with all the sculptures to the public. The area is protected. There is free access all year. The area is known as Rusland, the Danish name for Russia. It consists of undulating heath with scattered trees and juniper vegetation


A dog was guarding the museum!

 photo Rudolp Tegner sculpture park, Zealand: grethe bachmann


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