Monday, September 21, 2015

The Danish Coastline is in danger.

The Danish Folketing (Parliament)  allowed at the turn of the year via 10 pilot projects to build at the coast of the country - inside our 300 meter broad protection beach-line. The Venstre-party at once suggested to remove the loft of project-numbers and to loosen the beach-protection in general. Since the month of May 100.000 Danes have said not to loosen the rules for our beach-protection by signing a petition.
Denmark's coastline is something special for us. We've got no mountains, we've got our coasts. We can walk along the beach all over the country, no one can forbid us that -  and since the coastline is 300 meters free it appears as a beautiful place to be all year. For all of us. I myself would be very sorry if some hotel or industry suddenly filled the place by the beach. And if first they are allowed and begin to build then it will be impossible to control . Then our precious coastline will be destroyed forever for us and for those who come after us. Shame on us.

Our politicians must take responsibility in this case. It should not be a choice between outsourcing to a commumity or to preserve our common nature.

Keep your hands off our coasts! 

Grethe Bachmann
photo Kaløvig: grethe bachmann 

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