Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Garden and Mols Bjerge in September .....

Louise Odier on  16 September

 My Garden:
Now it is September and summer has gone too, too fast, it was not one of the hot summers, neither one of the long summers. Maybe it will be better next year !

Red Admiral, 16 September
Coral Dawn , 16 September

Autumn is near, the garden already looks a little autum-like, although some lovely roses are blooming again. The daily temperature is still fine, today up tp 20 degrees, the butterflies are still whirling around. Temperature at night is 15-18 degrees Celsius in this week.

When the frost arrives I'll have to take care of some plants which cannot endure the cold. It's the first time for many years I've got a garden to take care of  - and I'll have to refresh everything.there'll be much to do!

Although my "new" garden is about 20 years old it needs really to look better! The people who lived here before were not interested in garden work. Through the last year I have really worked hard to make the garden look  pretty. I love the English gardens and I'm working in that direction. My garden will be  different from the gardens of my neighbours. It will look more wild - and romantic! 

Nasturtium along the edge of the rocks in the front garden. 16 September

 I love roses, and I've already got some , both bushes and climbing roses. Then here is honeysuckle rose and hop plant climbing up a dead tree, a new climbing hortensia on the house wall, (no flowers yet in that ), a, dark blue Clematis by the front door,  a Jasmine bush, an Aronia,  a Chaenomeles, (it is a Japan quince, but I could not find other names), two Buddleias, one in the front and one in the back garden( I want to attract butterflies, also with my purple echinacea etc) -  and there are rows of  lavenders and lots of spice herbs like thyme, mint, lemon myrtle, sage.

In October I want to plant a red hawthorn and a Japan cherry - and I'm writing a memo-list of perrenial herbs.

Well, I think  have been babbling a little too much about my garden. I hope you have been patient? 

Mols Bjerge
Cattle and a wild apple tree in Mols Bjerge
Cattle and a beautiful tree in Mols Bjerge

Mols Bjerge (Goldenrod in front)
Well, Saturday I was in the National Park Mols Bjerge. In here is also  a section called Strandkær with laboraotires and houses for scientists and students. (belongs to Århus University). It's a wonderful area to take a walk. There is also a lovely hilly path called the Italian Path. I love to look at the cattle which is grazing in the lovely scenery in the hills. When the hills in Mols Bjerge  were being cleared some years ago, the landscape architects saw to that trees and growth worth of preservation were kept in the hills. I love those beautiful trees and I think the result of the clearing is wonderful.
I did not see any Icelandic horses this time but the field areas are big, so they might have been grazing in a far away field. Although most of the summer flowers have gone there is still some beauty in the hills. The goldenrod (Solidago) spreads its golden shine all over some of the hills.

Goldenrod, Mols Bjerge

 The national park is not just nature area -  here are also farms and cornfields:The fields are mainly harvested now and other fields are ready for the winter seed.

cattle Mols Bjerge
text and photo September 2015: grethe bachmann

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